Outdated garage sale signs are one of my pet peeves. Not just any sale signs, but the ones that simply say “Garage Sale Today.”

If you put a date on your sale sign, you can leave it up for years, and it won’t bother me a bit. Leave it nailed to the telephone post until the poster is ripped and the corners are yellowed and curling with age—I won’t care.

But leave the date off your sign, lead me down a trail of undated signs to a two-week past garage sale, and I’m not a happy camper. So much so that while I love garage sales, I’m unlikely to follow undated signs. It doesn’t matter how fresh they look. Unless I see someone posting the sign, I’m assuming it’s old.

I drove past several “Sale Today” signs this morning on my way to church. Some of those signs looked pretty old. (Please, people, take your undated signs down when it’s over.) Some looked fresh. I didn’t have time to stop at any of the sales, but I did wonder how many were legitimate.

Then it occurred to me, every one of God’s promises are undated—marked with a “today” next to them. Every promise is literally for today—whatever day you see it, whatever day you need it.

God’s promises don’t expire. God doesn’t lead you down a trail of promises only for you to discover at the end that you’re two weeks too late.

Open God’s Word. Find His promises. Write “today” next to them.

Today—this very day—is as bright as the promises of God.