Words for the Week


Mondays, for me, have double-sided potential in setting the tone for the week ahead.

My natural tendency is to begin Monday overwhelmingly aware of, and buried under, my full to do list for the rest of the week. You can guess how a week started like this goes…

On the other hand, if I begin Monday with a focused heart on God’s faithfulness and sufficiency, I enter the week with a heart established in His grace.

Obviously, option two is preferred. My strategy for reaching it is to grab a truth from God’s Word that settles my heart and mind on God’s truth at the beginning of the week. Often, I’m already reaching for such a truth on Sunday, ready to pick it up on Monday morning.

Perhaps you’re like me and could also use a phrase that will remind you of God’s goodness, faithfulness, and sufficiency on Monday mornings. Beginning this week, I’m planning to post my “words for the week” to this blog each Monday. I know writing these short posts will be a help to me, and I pray they will be to you as well. (Click here to read the first post: He Is Worthy!)

Happy Mondays!

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