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7 Reasons I’m Thankful to Be a West Coast Baptist College Alumnus


It doesn’t seem right to post alumni pride in an alma mater that emphasizes humility. Nevertheless, the events of graduation week have me reflecting on benefits of being a West Coast Baptist College alumnus. I’ll call it “alumni gratitude.”

Here are 7 reasons—in no particular order—for which I am thankful to be a graduate of West Coast Baptist College.

  1. Because I love the local church more now than I did when I enrolled. I came to WCBC already heavily involved in ministry in my church. I loved my church and came to college a bit on guard against that loyalty being quelled. I had no reason to fear. I love the local church more now than I did when I came—and I didn’t think that was possible then. Through the training at WCBC and the opportunities for hands on ministry in Lancaster Baptist Church, I’m more convinced than ever that the local church is God’s vehicle to carry out the Great Commission and that biblical local churches are the hope for our nation.
  2. Because I not only heard teaching on—but saw models of—servant leadership. I came to WCBC sight unseen. But within an hour of my arrival on campus, I was overwhelmed by the true heart of servant leadership evidenced in the staff and faculty. And it never let up. I believe servant leadership is a trademark of both New Testament ministry and West Coast Baptist College. Continue reading

Before You Decide Not to Vote

Political voices clamor for attention in election season. Ads, commercials, billboards, yard signs, debates, social media—voices fight to gain our ear as they seek out every possibility to pipe their messages into our minds.

And most of us are frustrated. Frustrated because there isn’t a candidate who we really endorse—from either party.

Some I know have even decided not to vote at all—especially those on the conservative side. To vote for someone whose views differ from their own—even if he was picked by their party of affiliation—seems a wrong endorsement to them. (My own view, by the way, is that a vote is not an endorsement but a choice. When I have the privilege of being given a say as to who will lead me, I’m going to select my best option every time! Even if I don’t agree with the leader’s entire platform.)

Voting or not, many of us look forward to the end of election season, when the clamoring voices will finally pipe down. Continue reading

Too Many Bozos

It’s driving me crazy—today’s date rings with significance, but I can’t think of why. First, I thought it was perhaps a friend’s birthday. But when I texted my sister to verify, she corrected me. Sure enough, a look at my calendar for next month, and my friend’s birthday is written right there on another day. A flip back at this month, however, and today’s date is blank.

This must be carry-over from when I used to try to remember every date of possible significance. For real.

At one time, I knew when every pet we had ever had was born…and when they were sold or given away. I knew the birthday of everyone I knew, and probably what day they came over for dinner as well. I carefully kept a mental catalog of any date of significance that I thought I may someday want to refer to.

Because I raised dairy goats, some of these dates truly were at least briefly significant. (It’s good to know how old the kids are when you are selling them.) But I think in the end, I just had “too many Bozos.” Continue reading

No Moving in Heaven

I’m too young to fully appreciate the fact that we’ll never grow old in Heaven, but high on my list of “will never do in Heaven” is moving! And high on my list of dislikes is packing and unpacking.

Since the time I was two, our family has moved exactly two and a half times. (We lived in a temporary place for several weeks during one of the moves.)

But in the past three years, I have moved twice that many times—not even counting changing dorm rooms in college. And tonight, I just took the last of my boxes out to the dumpster from the most recent of these moves.

I knew in advance that each of the last four moves were temporary. Some were for a year, some were for a summer. So I was really looking forward to the “final” move of this week, because I thought of it as more long term. Continue reading

5 Tips to Beating Poison Ivy

If you have ever had an allergic reaction to poison ivy, oak, or sumac, this post is for you! I can assure you, I am writing from fresh experience. After several years of successfully avoiding poison ivy (to which I am very allergic), my sister, Michele, and I were attacked by poison ivy in the dark last week. (Well, maybe we actually attacked it while we were trimming bushes in the dark. But it was definitely not intentional!) At any rate, we both broke out with rashes that are causing torturous itching, swelling, and blistering.

You probably already know the basic helps to the malady of poison ivy—calamine lotion, benadryl, etc. But even with the use of these, I still go through several days of distracting misery. In some of my hours of distress the past few days, I’ve mentally compiled a list for other sufferers.

What can you do to retain your sanity during a bout with poison ivy? Here are five tips for your help and enjoyment: Continue reading