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Before You Decide Not to Vote

Political voices clamor for attention in election season. Ads, commercials, billboards, yard signs, debates, social media—voices fight to gain our ear as they seek out every possibility to pipe their messages into our minds.

And most of us are frustrated. Frustrated because there isn’t a candidate who we really endorse—from either party.

Some I know have even decided not to vote at all—especially those on the conservative side. To vote for someone whose views differ from their own—even if he was picked by their party of affiliation—seems a wrong endorsement to them. (My own view, by the way, is that a vote is not an endorsement but a choice. When I have the privilege of being given a say as to who will lead me, I’m going to select my best option every time! Even if I don’t agree with the leader’s entire platform.)

Voting or not, many of us look forward to the end of election season, when the clamoring voices will finally pipe down. Continue reading