Monthly Archives: February 2012

A Bonus’ Bonus

I grew up in the Midwest, where February is a drab, tiresome month between winter and spring. There’s usually dirty snow sitting in patches of mud. And the skies are often hazy grey.

When my oldest sister, Nichole, was four years old, my dad noticed her listlessness and discouragement during the overcast days near the end of January. Wanting to cheer her, he formed a plan.

On February 1st, he enthusiastically announced to Nichole that this was the first day of “February Month.” And because this was such a special day, he had a present just for her. Furthermore, she would receive a present every day during February Month.

Nichole was delighted and looked forward to the stickers, erasers, balloons, and other February Month presents she received. By the time I came along, February Month was a well-established, eagerly-anticipated month of bonuses—a gift for every day! Continue reading

Petes and Repeats

When I was little enough to be dumb, my uncle (who is just three years older than me) asked me a riddle:

“Pete and Repeat went down to the lake. Pete fell in, so who was left?”

The answer seemed so obvious, I couldn’t believe Scott thought this was a riddle.


“Okay, Pete and….”

Would you believe, it took me about three rounds of this to figure out what was going on?! And once I caught on, I thought it was so clever that I tried it on others, too. Unfortunately, no one else ever fell for it. Continue reading

’Cuz You Came

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Arlene!”

“Hiiiiii, Miss Déirdre!”

“I made you some cookies and just want you to know that I love you.”

“Awww, thank you.” [big hug]

I got to hear this delightful conversation repeated several times this evening while making Sunday school visits with my friend, Déirdre.

But one conversation ended more memorably. Continue reading