Monthly Archives: April 2012

Where There’s a Will, There’s a Won’t

Trust my grandma to come up with a clever spin on a common phrase. (She is the same grandma who has invented words like encosegrator, grusel, and snitherwoo, and she has developed complete definitions to their various forms of speech.)

Anyway, one of my grandma’s family-famous lines is, “Where there’s a will, there’s a won’t.”

She uses it to express a humorous mode of stubbornness, changing a classic on perseverance and ingenuity to the all-too-common reality of obstinacy.

In truth, though, my grandma is right—and twisting her twist, her statement does apply to making a way. Where there is a will to do something, there must also be a won’t to do any competing thing. Continue reading

Too Many Bozos

It’s driving me crazy—today’s date rings with significance, but I can’t think of why. First, I thought it was perhaps a friend’s birthday. But when I texted my sister to verify, she corrected me. Sure enough, a look at my calendar for next month, and my friend’s birthday is written right there on another day. A flip back at this month, however, and today’s date is blank.

This must be carry-over from when I used to try to remember every date of possible significance. For real.

At one time, I knew when every pet we had ever had was born…and when they were sold or given away. I knew the birthday of everyone I knew, and probably what day they came over for dinner as well. I carefully kept a mental catalog of any date of significance that I thought I may someday want to refer to.

Because I raised dairy goats, some of these dates truly were at least briefly significant. (It’s good to know how old the kids are when you are selling them.) But I think in the end, I just had “too many Bozos.” Continue reading

Does God Care about Your Comfort?

You’ve heard the quote: “God is more concerned with our character than our comfort.”

It’s a true statement, but it’s not the whole story.

God’s concern with our comfort depends on what kind of comfort we are talking about.

Do we mean that it is His job description to provide us with a comfortable, trouble-free life? No. That is impossible in a sin-cursed world; and frankly, it wouldn’t contribute to our Christian growth.

But do we mean that He wants us to know spiritual and emotional comfort through the difficulties we face? Absolutely! Continue reading