A Pesky Question that Works

“So, how will you use that today?” That’s it—the pesky question. And a dear, godly lady asked it to me twice this week.

All I was doing was telling her about some advice I had been given and something I was learning. It was sort of a big, vague, wonderful, and sure-to-be-helpful-in-the-future truth.

And then she asked, “So, how will you use that today?”

And I squirmed.

I hadn’t really thought that far. Actually, I was planning to use it in the future—hadn’t thought so much about today. It seemed like the sort of truth that would more clearly define itself along the way.

“Well…” I stalled. But nothing came after the “well,” so I realized that I didn’t have an answer. “What do you mean?”

“What are you going to do with that truth today?” she repeated. “How is that going to change what you’re doing today?”

Can you see why it was a pesky question? It made me uncomfortable. It wouldn’t leave me alone—even after our conversation had ended.

That pesky question turned in my mind over and over, and it prickled every time. Until…I answered it. And then I realized that it wasn’t pesky at all. It was one of the most helpful, action-producing, direction-setting, truth-implementing questions I had ever been asked.

And now, I’ve claimed it for my own.

From now on, when I learn a truth from God’s Word—whether in my own Bible reading, through a sermon, or through conversing with another person—I’m not going to just make note of the general principle. I’m going to ask, “So, Monica, how is this going to change what you’re doing today?” And I’m going to let the question prickle until I answer it.

What about you? Has God taught you something lately? How is it going to change your life today?