Book Review: Fighting for Dear Life

We all believe in the sanctity of our own lives. But what about the lives of others? What about the lives of those who don’t benefit us? What about the lives of those who actually inconvenience us?

Today marks seven years since Terri Shiavo passed away—a result of a forced dehydration and deliberate withholding of care. Terri’s death and the proceedings leading to it mark a slippery slope of reasoning that threatens to bring our nation to frightening depths.

In Fighting for Dear Life, author Attorney David Gibbs III reveals an inside legal perspective of Terri’s fight for life. He shares what he saw firsthand, what he did to change the situation, and why the outcome is important to the life of every American.

I picked up this book one evening a few months ago while attempting to “wind down” for the night. Several hours later, I finished with bleary eyes and a fresh perspective on the value of every life.

With strong, communicative writing, Attorney Gibbs factually shares the details of this case and his personal meetings with Terri. Regardless of your view on government intervention of “family affairs,” this book details facts that were unknown by and inaccessible to the public at the time of Terri’s death.

It reveals a level of civilized barbarity that should shock every American to a fresh commitment to define life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness by God’s standard and to defend every life which God protects.

You can purchase the book from the Christian Law Association (close to the end of the page) or from Amazon.

(Note: none of these links are affiliate links. I just believe this book is a beneficial, and even a needed, read in America today.)