7 Reasons I’m Thankful to Be a West Coast Baptist College Alumnus


It doesn’t seem right to post alumni pride in an alma mater that emphasizes humility. Nevertheless, the events of graduation week have me reflecting on benefits of being a West Coast Baptist College alumnus. I’ll call it “alumni gratitude.”

Here are 7 reasons—in no particular order—for which I am thankful to be a graduate of West Coast Baptist College.

  1. Because I love the local church more now than I did when I enrolled. I came to WCBC already heavily involved in ministry in my church. I loved my church and came to college a bit on guard against that loyalty being quelled. I had no reason to fear. I love the local church more now than I did when I came—and I didn’t think that was possible then. Through the training at WCBC and the opportunities for hands on ministry in Lancaster Baptist Church, I’m more convinced than ever that the local church is God’s vehicle to carry out the Great Commission and that biblical local churches are the hope for our nation.
  2. Because I not only heard teaching on—but saw models of—servant leadership. I came to WCBC sight unseen. But within an hour of my arrival on campus, I was overwhelmed by the true heart of servant leadership evidenced in the staff and faculty. And it never let up. I believe servant leadership is a trademark of both New Testament ministry and West Coast Baptist College.
  3. Because I have fantastic college memories. From soulwinning to hiking to prayer meetings to stuffing our suitemate in a bin for storage (oh, that’s right, we don’t talk about that one), to ministry moments, I have wonderful college memories. I’m thankful for the ministry, friendship, and growth opportunities I experienced throughout college.
  4. Because I have close friendships with fellow co-laborers I met in college. I’m thankful I attended a college that believes in and encourages healthy ministry relationships. And I’m thankful these college friends are still in ministry today.
  5. Because I know that soulwinning and discipleship are biblically inseparable. While in college, I had the opportunity to be involved at ground level in not only leading people to Christ but seeing the follow up and discipleship processes.
  6. Because I have a bias for investing in people. I don’t know how many times I heard the statement, “Remember, the ministry is not paperwork; it is people work.”
  7. Because I have a network of godly people who pray for me and to whom I can reach out to for counsel and help. The servant leadership investment of WCBC faculty and staff didn’t end when Dr. Chappell handed me my diploma. In many ways, it just began. I’m thankful for the prayers on my behalf and the counsel and help I have received since graduation.

As you can see from the reasons above, I don’t have reason to take pride in being a WCBC alumni. The benefits above were gifts I received from a faculty and staff who freely gives of themselves to invest in the lives of students…and alumni.

I have great reason to boast alumni gratitude.

To the WCBC faculty and staff, I say thank you—many times over.

To current WCBC students, I say keep pressing on! It’s a joy to be an alumni.

To prospective WCBC students, my advice to you is obvious. 🙂 Seek the Lord and ask Him to lead you. But recognize the benefits above as you pray over your decision.

And finally, to this year’s graduating class, congratulations!! Welcome to the society of alumni gratitude!