Monthly Archives: August 2011

What Have We Gotten Ourselves Into?

Exactly three years ago today, my brother and I drove our tan Chevy Cavalier out of the garage and into the pouring rain. In the trunk was our luggage, and wedged into the back seat was a bicycle I had just been given. We waved to a teary family and began the two thousand mile drive to West Coast Baptist College.

That was an eventful trip—full of significant “firsts.” It was the first time I had been west of Kansas, and it was the first time either of us had seen the Rocky Mountains up close. They were breath-taking. We even pulled over and improvised a thirty minute hike. We also met my great uncle and aunt for the first time. We toured their ranch on quads and enjoyed their gracious hospitality as we got acquainted.

But to me, the most memorable moment of that trip occurred within thirty miles of our destination. Actually, it was a statement Daniel made that stuck in my mind. Continue reading

No Moving in Heaven

I’m too young to fully appreciate the fact that we’ll never grow old in Heaven, but high on my list of “will never do in Heaven” is moving! And high on my list of dislikes is packing and unpacking.

Since the time I was two, our family has moved exactly two and a half times. (We lived in a temporary place for several weeks during one of the moves.)

But in the past three years, I have moved twice that many times—not even counting changing dorm rooms in college. And tonight, I just took the last of my boxes out to the dumpster from the most recent of these moves.

I knew in advance that each of the last four moves were temporary. Some were for a year, some were for a summer. So I was really looking forward to the “final” move of this week, because I thought of it as more long term. Continue reading

Directed Towards Me

The shortest chapter in the Bible contains one of the most profound truths—a truth about God that we too easily forget.

This truth is reiterated (and even more clearly expressed) all throughout Scripture. But two words in this short Psalm speak of a truth beyond my comprehension.

Here’s the truth: “His merciful kindness is great toward us.”

Did you catch those last two words? Mercy and kindness are two of God’s attributes. They are simply part of who He is. But what a joy that He directs His merciful kindness toward me! Continue reading

Short Nights=Bad Mornings

I write this post after two virtually sleepless nights—both directly or indirectly related to a bad rash of poison ivy. (Ugh!) While concentrating on not scratching last night, I remembered a verse about long, painful nights that had been a help to me during my college days.

“Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning” (Psalm 30:5b).

I remember one morning in particular reading this verse after an especially short night of sleep.

Of course, none of us like to experience the “night of weeping” referred to in this verse—a season of heartache or pain. These night seasons always feel too long.

But as I read the verse that morning through droopy, bloodshot eyes, I realized that the alternative isn’t any better. Short nights don’t make for happy mornings! Continue reading