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7 Reasons I’m Thankful to Be a West Coast Baptist College Alumnus


It doesn’t seem right to post alumni pride in an alma mater that emphasizes humility. Nevertheless, the events of graduation week have me reflecting on benefits of being a West Coast Baptist College alumnus. I’ll call it “alumni gratitude.”

Here are 7 reasons—in no particular order—for which I am thankful to be a graduate of West Coast Baptist College.

  1. Because I love the local church more now than I did when I enrolled. I came to WCBC already heavily involved in ministry in my church. I loved my church and came to college a bit on guard against that loyalty being quelled. I had no reason to fear. I love the local church more now than I did when I came—and I didn’t think that was possible then. Through the training at WCBC and the opportunities for hands on ministry in Lancaster Baptist Church, I’m more convinced than ever that the local church is God’s vehicle to carry out the Great Commission and that biblical local churches are the hope for our nation.
  2. Because I not only heard teaching on—but saw models of—servant leadership. I came to WCBC sight unseen. But within an hour of my arrival on campus, I was overwhelmed by the true heart of servant leadership evidenced in the staff and faculty. And it never let up. I believe servant leadership is a trademark of both New Testament ministry and West Coast Baptist College. Continue reading

Desert Rainbow


It would not have made a difference which side of the bed I rolled out of yesterday morning. From either side, the day didn’t look bright. Too much to do with too many loose ends hanging. Even the sky was overcast.

By the time I took my morning walk, it was drizzling. One more strike against the day. What we really needed was a good shower, not a few drops. Even in the desert, we expect (and need) some rain. And we have really needed it lately.

I had a meeting scheduled for the first part of the morning, and I knew I needed to leave the house early to prepare for it. Five minutes later than I had planned, I stepped out the front door with a grim attitude and a cloudy perspective.

And then I saw it—the rainbow. It was the kind of rainbow that forces you to stop and makes you suck in your breath quick. Vivid and brilliant, it stretched across the sky forming a full and perfect arch. Continue reading