A Miracle Cure for a Tired Mind

…is sometimes, believe it or not, rest.

Yes, it’s that simple. Rest works wonders.

It rejuvenates.

It renews.

It refreshes.

It reenergizes.

Sometimes when we are edgy and depleted, when we feel that we have no more to give, all we need is rest. Perhaps we need the rest of sleep. Perhaps we need the rest of a mental diversion.

I’m beginning to see that to not rest is a form of pride. Fatigue—mental or physical—makes us edgy and overwhelmed. It reveals a mindset that thinks the world depends on us, that if we step out of the current, everything will stop.

Proper rest, however, is a form of humility. It is a way of acknowledging our finite limits and our need of God’s cycles of renewal.

How do I know? Let’s just say I recently took a day of needed rest. And it proved both points!