Book Review: The Promise

What would change in your life if you really believed Romans 8:28?

A friend recently gave me The Promise: God Works All Things Together for Your Good by Robert J. Morgan. I was surprised that someone could write a full-length book (210 pages) about one verse of Scripture, and I expected that it might be tedious reading. Based on my friend’s recommendation, however, I began, and immediately, I was thankful I did. In fact, I began underlining even before the table of contents!

This book is encouraging because it focuses attention on God’s infinite love for us and His sovereign power engaged on our behalf. It is also challenging because it reminds us that such love calls for a response of trust and reciprocated love.

The Promise is divided into two parts. The first covers each phrase in Romans 8:28, exploring in depth the richness of this promise. The second part briefly covers six other places in Scripture that echo the promise of Romans 8:28—either in living testimony or in a verse. These chapters are especially encouraging as they reveal just how God makes things work together for good and just what kinds of good He has in mind.

Sometimes we treat Romans 8:28 like an emergency verse. It can be that, but it is so much more. It is a description of the daily reality of what God is doing in our lives all the time. After reading The Promise, I’m more thankful than ever before for God’s incredible promise contained in this verse and reiterated all throughout the Bible.

Romans 8:28 is all-inclusive, all-powerful, and always available. It is as omnipotent as the God who signed and sealed it. It’s as loving as the Savior who died to unleash it. It can do anything God can do. It can touch any hurt and redeem any problem. It isn’t a mere platitude but a divine promise. It isn’t a goal but a guarantee. It isn’t wishful thinking but a shaft of almighty providence that lands squarely on our pathway each day and every moment. – Robert J. Morgan, The Promise