Note: This blog is part of a Thanksgiving series of blogs highlighting attributes of God for which I am thankful.

This past summer, I had the best experience ever at Subway…and it had nothing to do with Subway.

I was with my family for a few days, and I had the opportunity to have a heart-to-heart talk with my dad. I came to the table with an agenda—literally. I had three questions I had been waiting to talk with him about until we had one-on-one time to ourselves.

Two of the questions were trite. But one was big to me. In fact, it wasn’t even a question at all, it was an issue.

I always cherish time spent with my dad, but this time, I needed it. I shared with him something that had been weighing my spirit, and I listened as he gave me his take on it. We talked for a long time. Subway employees began cleaning the counters and checking the doors to be sure they were locked (subtle signs that they wanted us to leave). We relocated to the car and continued talking. We even turned the heater on once we had sat in the car long enough to get chilled.

And do you know what? For all the time we spent together, I don’t remember anything my dad said that I didn’t already know. Except, I learned his heart on a subject that was important to me.

We drove home that night, and my spirit rested. I had heard my dad’s heart, and it resonated an “ahhh” of rest in mine.

There are so many aspects to God being our Father. But one of the dearest is that He wants to connect with us. He wants us to bring Him every item on our “to get Dad’s opinion on” agendas and then to listen to His heart as it is expressed in His Word.

Are you frustrated, burdened, confused?

How long has it been since you’ve bared your heart to your Heavenly Father? Do it. You’ll leave with a sigh of rest.

What attribute of God that begins with an F are you thankful for today?